Installing Dotscience

This section documents various ways that you can install and use the Dotscience platform.

Dotscience SaaS

You can use the hosted version of Dotscience at There is a free account with limited run tracking, and you can also upgrade to a paid account to remove the limits.

In this mode, we host your notebooks, data, and models for you. You can attach your own compute as runners (VMs or machines for model training, which may have GPUs) and deployers (Kubernetes clusters, for running models in inference mode in production and monitoring them).

Getting your own setup

We find that after an initial evaluation of the product using the hosted SaaS version, most customers want to run Dotscience in their own cloud account or on-premises for production usage.

You can buy a license for your own setup using our licensing service, in conjunction with the following install instructions. A free trial license is available for evaluation of these “host it yourself” deployment modes.

How to buy a Dotscience license

Go to the licensing service.

Once at the portal, the payee (the person with the credit card):

  1. Select the appropriate licensing term (e.g. 3 months)
  2. Create an account (only required for the 1st purchase)
  3. Re-select the desired licensing term
  4. Input the # of users
  5. Proceed to checkout and purchase
  6. License key will be displayed

Once received, payee can pass the license key to DevOps team to use with one of the following guides.

Google Cloud Platform

Amazon Web Services

vSphere (VMware)

  • Install with Terraform (coming soon - contact us)

Microsoft Azure

Bare metal

Something else?

Your infrastructure not on this list? Get in touch and ask us about it, we may be able to build support for it for you.

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