Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I use my existing models in dotscience?

Yes, any Python script, including IPython notebooks, can be tracked, versioned and run with dotscience. Simply mark up the parameters and metrics you want to track with our Python library.

Support for R models is on the roadmap.

How do I get my files into dotscience?

Use the Add files button on the Resources section of your project. Note that you must stop Jupyter in order to add files.

How do I get my large files or datasets into dotscience?

You can use the terminal in Jupyter to scp local files into your runner. Alternatively, if possible, consider using wget to get files from the web.

Does Dotscience do hyperparameter tuning?

No. Dotscience keeps track of hyperparameter values that you submit as well as the metrics associated with each parameter combination, but it doesn’t decide which values to use: that is up to you.

However, Dotscience will track parameter values if those values are provided by a hyperparameter tuning method, like Scikit-Learn’s GridSearchCV.